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additional art by the author, Joel A. Wendt

The Pharaoh Foundation provides consulting and educational services, to individuals, businesses, and many other kinds of organizations. Our art, as it were, is that we include the spiritual in all our considerations.  Our effort is to enable all to find their own Way to the true, the beautiful and the good.

this link is to a set of short essays (under 1000 words), created for and offered to Huffington Post - so far none have been published - all the same, for someone who can't write a sentence he doesn't like, being forced to be more pithy has been an excellent discipline ...

​​The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were priest-kings.  Later, Plato believed that the best social leadership would come from what he called "philosopher kings"  The Pharaoh Foundation, inspired by those Ideals, seeks to help individuals and communities provide wisdom to our shared social future via the Foundation's services.  We, therefore, offer material to support an understanding, of the self and the world, that comports not just with the scientific, but also with the artistic and the spiritual foundations of reality.

About the author of these materials: Joel A. Wendt

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the above link is to written materials of various kinds, including short stories, essays and links to books

At present we provide, for individuals, an App-like web page, called: 

The Rising of the Sun in the Mind material is for individual self-development.  It is a Way or "I" process, and supports us changing ourselves, which will (of course) incidentally change the world.  

In addition we offer consultations to organizations, also explained in an App-like format.   This App-like material for organizations is called: 

The arts needed for consulting with organzations is a "We" process, and involves us in how to help various kinds of communities find their collective Way of participation in shared world-changing strategies.

There will soon be real Apps, of both kinds. available for smart phone and tablet platforms

All this material will include spiritual aspects of reality,

that fits within both scientific and artistic criteria.

While the services offered here are free, should someone want to provide gift support, we urge you connect with:
​RSF Social Finance,  which provides financial support for a broad spectrum of spiritually grounded works.

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For advanced work in wholistic biological sciences, support these institutions.

The Pharaoh Foundation is also engaged in the creative activity of film making.  Curently we are working on this movie:

There are no fees for these services.  Gifts of the spirit need to be free.

The basic serices only come with reading one of the Apps, and following the directions.

I don't work with individuals - I am not anyone's guru.  I will work only with groups.  At least three and no more than five.  We talk over Skype, and make a date for that talk with e-mail

My address is:

political poetry, released July 4th, 2016 ... five poems with some dialogue: "the "George Washington Blues"; "Some of us remember"; "the Rape of the Republic"; "America Sings"; and, "a gift of another's eyes".  Followed by a music video by some friends (The Folk-soul Band): "We can do it better"